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Site Migrator

These Users are from the very first iterations of Roleplay Mansion when it was just starting out to now here, it's new home!
Favorite Genres / Character Types to Play

Fantasy Creator

This user roleplays the most in the Fantasy section~ downright addicted to the genre.

Game Changer

This user loves to rp in the Gaming Genre the most! They love rp'ing canon and non canon based off of popular video games~

Slice of Life

This user enjoys slice of life rps and generic rps the most~
World and Character Building

World Builder

This person creates new worlds like it's nothing, but we know, it takes a lot of brain power to do so.
As far as I know, you’re our local world building user :)
Too Goddamn Horny

Cleanse Thyself

You know what you wrote. But this website does thrive off of our smut creators.. so this badge is awarded after the user has posted 500+ messages!

Avid Roleplayer

This user has no other hobby other than writing smut, smut, and more smut. We get it, you like erotic roleplays! This badge is rewarded after 2,000 messages. We all need Jesus.

This User Needs to Touch Grass

Tbh, we all need to go touch some grass, especially after what we write! This badge is awarded based off how active the user is!

Succubus Lover

Taking the definition a little too far.. A badge awarded to two specific users who made the admin's eyes burn when transferring threads from the old site to this one.
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