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Crazy's List of Ongoing Characters


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Nov 10, 2022
Maria Morningstar


  • Race: Half Demon / Half Angel
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Looks in her early 20s but is several hundred years old
  • Birthday: A night of a Blood Moon BCE.
  • Birthplace: In an abandoned cottage

Appearance: What do you look like?



Character Concept

  • Maria, or more commonly known as Marie, is the daughter of Lucifer Morningstar. Yes, she is the daughter of Satan. Her father fell in love with her fiery redheaded mother, who's an archangel. She was born on a blood moon which enhances all things supernatural. Her full power is suppressed due to her unwillingness to accept the angel blood within her veins.

Character History

  • Marie has lived several lifetimes, but none come close to that of her current one. She has lived in hell for most of her life, until one day a servant delivered a prophecy from her father. (Her father was cursed with clairvoyance and uses this to mostly predict the future) The prophecy warned her to not lay eyes on a particular mortal or meet him for that matter, for if she did, the end of the world would ensue. So in typical curious fashion, she unknowingly found said mortal and opened up a portal to his last known location on earth's realm. Once there, she learned that he was cursed by some unseen force- who had plagued his days and nights with countless supernatural attacks on his very being. With that being known, she offered him her help to break his curse, but he had refused and so she attempts to go back to hell, only to find out something is blocking her powers. - Before she knows it, a portal separate from her own magical abilities opens and Kaden, one of her most trusted friends, the son of Lilith- steps through to find her, saying that he noted her magical signature right away when she stepped out on earth's ground. Marie, thankful to see a familiar face, agrees to crash at his coven for the time being, figuring it would be the safest option seeing as she couldn't portal home. It was then that Kaden asked the mortal man she met, Derek, that if he ever sought refuge from his curse, he too could come to his coven. It wouldn't be until a few months later that Derek would end up doing so. Marie, on the cusp of figuring out her own situation, begins to help Derek with his, but ignores his advice that Kaden seems to be up to something that may regard Marie's angel blood...which very rare in the modern world- the power if obtained, would give demons more strength than what they would have alone. This does not alarm Marie for any reason, trusting that Kaden had good intentions with the upcoming silver moon, the counterpart to the blood moon, which enhances all things holy. She hoped then during the silver moon she would be able to return home, considering her demon powers were waning during this time and since she had denied her angel side up until now, she began to hope that she would be able to open a portal once more. Needless to say, she was unaware that Derek was trying to get some of her angel blood as well, using it for his own purposes, hoping that it would cure him of the curse that was placed upon his being. When Marie did find out, she refused to hear anything Derek was trying to tell her about Kaden and would go through with the Silver Moon Ceremony, hoping something good would come out of it. But- during the ceremony, she discovers that Kaden had ill intent all along and was fashioning a demon dagger, one that specifically kills angels- and if it weren't for Derek intervening, she would likely be sent back to hell in a very unpleasant way. In this brief fight between Marie and Kaden, Kaden's twin sister Lily, who's Marie's handmaiden (being the daughter of Satan is like being the princess of hell at this point) goes and attacks Marie to stop Kaden from attacking Derek. During this, Derek gets struck with the demon blade, and would be immediately dead if it weren't for Marie's quick thinking. She takes the blade, cuts into her arm and lets her golden laced black ichor spill over Derek's wound, knowing this would save him, but was deeply unaware of the consequences. After this incident, Marie passes out from the blade's effects, and Lily portals a wounded Kaden back to hell to recoup. When Marie wakes after a few days from her body going into a stasis to preserve itself- she finds Derek alive and a little too on edge. Her blood in turned had healed Derek but ultimately sped up his demise, and if they do not find a cure for his curse soon, the mortal man will die. Marie, who began to develop feelings for Derek over the small amount of time she's known him, certainly does not want this to happen. So they are now stuck at what to do, who to find to cure him, and with Marie without her powers...certainly this will not bode well for either of them.


  • Fluent Language: English
  • Basic Language: Ancient Tongue


  • Her demon form is able to accommodate and grow a snake tail, transforming into a terrifying snake woman with poisonous barbs on towards the tip of her tail- warding off anyone who dares fight her.
  • Her angel blood is more powerful than she thinks, when she fully accepts that side, her demon half and angel half will merge fully making her the first known hybrid between demons and angels. This form will be her usual red skin, white flowy hair and more golden laced features.
  • She also has black swirling marks around her arms, they came from her mother while she was conceived. These marks were originally intended to keep her mother's angel being preserved while in the depths of hell, since hell was so hot, not even an angel could withstand it unless they wanted to burst from combustion alone. For Marie's purposes, she hasn't figured out what they're meant for but in time she will learn.


  • She supposedly was born a twin, but is unaware of their whereabouts. To her knowledge, her brother died while she was but a babe, and won't figure out much later why her parents hid him from the world. She wasn't the first born hybrid, he was. And although a bit sexist, a male heir to Lucifer's throne would be sought after a lot more, considering the powers the boy houses in his veins which makes any magic goer absolutely feral over the power they can get.


  • Fashions a whip after her father's. It can shapeshift into a serpent- and is used to fight back hellish creatures. It's main form is woven black leather with ivory spikes, devil skin...with angels bone that are the so called ivory spikes.
  • Her angel sword, directly given to her by her mother. It sits on her hip and basically is used like a regular sword, since Marie has suppressed so much of that side of herself, the flaming sword has not activated yet and has not been used to full potential.


  • Currently drifting from place to place but will settle on a small apartment eventually with the rent split by her and Derek.

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