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Moving Forward


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Nov 10, 2022
Hey hey hey it's Admin Craze coming in with another small announcement for our new users and familiars :3

!! I wanted to remind new users to complete your profile set up, such as setting an image for your pfp, a profile banner, and introducing yourself here: ( Welcome New Users ) along with joining our discord, which is linked in your private messages from yours truly. Another thing to note, is that during the next few weeks I'll start an official sub forum on reddit to recruit new users, cross post updates from here to there, meme galore and anything and everything I can think of, since more people are familiar with reddit than here I'd figured it'd be a good alternative. But keep in mind that the reddit will not be for roleplaying, unless you specifically pm a user to do so, all of our roleplays will stay within the mansion.

Also if you guys have any further additional questions/comments, don't be afraid to post here, the help threads or pm any one of our lovely staff members, they will love to help out as much as possible~!
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