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Passion in the Mansion (A group RP)


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Nov 9, 2022
Some day that love is dead, and all there is left is a sea of hook ups with ever middling results. Perhaps you struggled the same, or maybe you've been working too hard, or resigned from the battlefield of romance. But you've received an invitation to a place for those seeking a connection all the same. A letter appeared in the mail, and despite your confusion, you took the chance, or were lucky enough to have someone sign you up anyway. A vacation to a far off mansion retreat with other wandering hearts.

The Mansion and its surrounding property was huge, floor atop floors, it had to be 10 floors total, with a fully operational staff like a hotel. It was old and carried itself with pride and prestige, from the times past. Gardeners tended a massive garden and green house, with budding spring flowers opening slowly to greet you. A old couple waddled together down the front stairs, all smiles and wrinkles, but they brimmed with a calm, happy spirit. The owners of this little vacation spot.
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