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Angelica (aka Dreams)

Smexy Princess
Staff Member
Nov 18, 2022
Dying for some world developing plot and so much drama we are drowning in plot bunnies! I love a detailed and meaningful post, totally understand if it takes you time to write up a post, I am a fast at replying so do not feel pressured to do the same if it hinders the quality of your writing. I have always been more interested in those of fantasy, supernatural, and passion love affairs or triangles. Usually I play female characters while my male characters still need work meaning I am always down for one on one male and female or doubling up. Any plots you have in mind, toss me a pm and we can come up with an addicting rp.

Interests currently:
Werewolves (always down)
Princess kidnapped by hoard of ogres
forbidden loves of the supernatural (wolfxvamp, humans with any supernatural, elfxvamp)
Mafia arranged marriage
Detective and serial killer shape shifter
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Lady of the Mansion
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Nov 10, 2022
If you’d like smutty fun I’d definitely recommend @The Brit for go to lol but keep in mind she’s way over across the pond so time zone differences occur

i tell only lies

mr. liar
Mar 27, 2023
i am a big fan of werewolves. i have also had the extreme desire to ‘world build’ lately. perhaps you and i can make something happen out of this?

let me know what youre thinking.
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