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the black tome of lies (req’s)

i tell only lies

mr. liar
Mar 27, 2023
Welcome to what I call my request thread. Here I will post a little bit about what I am looking for and certain roles and settings I would be willing to play currently.

—Moving forward, I do not prefer large amounts of, if any, eroticism in the roleplays I engage in for the most part. Romance is fine. Scenes and other depictions of a sexual nature I don’t go for and leave the ‘rest to interpretation.’—

Lately I have been itching to build a world from scratch to base roleplays out of. I haven’t written in a while and this has been something I’ve wanted to do a long time.

I am looking for someone out there who would like to combine brainpower and start fleshing out ‘our’ world to sandbox in.

Everything from the setting to the history and such. All of it from scratch and original.

Ambitious I suppose but maybe someone else will bite.

For now this is what I am looking for. Another architect to build a world for our characters.
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